PolycoldTM Service and Sales

Quality Products, Warranty-backed Service, & Skilled Staff


Introducing the M&T Systems MT-202 Portable Cryocoolers

  • Replace liquid nitrogen in cold traps in high vacuum systems 
  • Provide high-speed pumping of water vapor to the 10-8 torr range 
  • Quickly and easily installed 
  • Enables long term cost savings by eliminating the need to replenish liquid nitrogen 
  • Effectively stops backstreaming 
  • Enables uninterrupted cooling of cryosurfaces 


Restoration & Repair Services of Refrigeration Units

At M&T Systems, we buy, sell, and service Polycold™ or Telemark™ refrigeration units. We offer superior quality warranty-backed service for Water Vapor CryoTrap units. 

We have more than two decades of experience, and our knowledge allows us to repair your systems more efficiently and promptly. If field service is not an option, we also offer an extensive in-house restoration and repair service.

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Trained Staff

Our field service staff are factory trained to service these unique cryogenic refrigeration units. Count on M&T Systems to do it right and get peace of mind.