Polycold and Telemark Refrigerant Replacement Charges


Standard and LT Charges (CFC-Free, "World Model" Compliant to US EPA Requirements)
'02 Series Charges (CFC and HCFC Free, Compliant to EC/Kyoto Requirements)

Part Number Description Price
MT-0001 P-20 (full charge) $775.00
MT-0002 P-75/P-100 (full charge) $830.00
MT-0003 PFC-100 (full charge) $830.00
MT-0004 PGC-100 (full charge) $830.00
MT-0005 PGC-150 (full charge) $830.00
MT-0006 PFC-200 (full charge) $830.00
MT-0007 PFC-330 (full charge) $830.00
MT-0008 PFC-400 (full charge) $830.00
MT-0009 PCT-500/PCT-550 (full charge) $985.00
MT-0010 PFC-550 (full charge) $985.00
MT-0011 PCT-650 (full charge) $985.00
MT-0012 PFC-650 (full charge) $985.00
MT-0013 PFC-660 (full charge) $985.00
MT-0014 PFC-1000/PFC-1100ST (full charge) $1,100.00
MT-0015 PFC-1100HC (full charge) $1,100.00
MT-0016 Standard Top-Off $750.00
Part Number Description Price
MT-0017 PFC-400LT (full charge) $830.00
MT-0018 PFC-550LT (full charge) $985.00
MT-0019 PFC-1100LT (full charge) $1,100.00
MT-0020 LT Top-Off $750.00
Part Number Description Price
MT-0021 PFC-552HC (full charge) $1350.00
MT-0022 PFC-662HC (full charge) $1450.00
MT-0023 PFC-1102HC (full charge) $1450.00
MT-0031 PFC-1101LT (full charge) $1450.00
MT-0032 1101LT Top-Off $975.00
MT-0033 PFC-1101HC (full charge) $1450.00
MT-0121 02 Top-Off $975.00

Polycold "P" type units use the same refrigerant charge as their "PFC" counter parts.

If you don't see a refrigerant charge that matches your unit,
please contact us and we will see what we can do.


Standard Charge (CFC-Free, Compliant to US EPA Requirements)

Part Number Description Price
MT-0027 TVP 3500/3600 (full charge) $2010.00
MT-0028 TVP 1000 (full charge) $1,850.00
MT-0035 TVP 2000 (full charge) $2565.00
MT-0036 TVP Top-Off $1200.00

*Note: Telemark EC Charge is CFC-Free, and Compliant to EC/Kyoto Requirements

Field Installation of M&T Systems Replacement Charges

Please refer to the Polycold Recharge Procedure for specific details relating to your particular Polycold model series.

As a general rule, replacement charges are installed utilizing the Polycold unit's own compressor to suck in any remaining refrigerant from the replacement charge cylinders. The use of a charge recovery system for this purpose is not recommended for the following reasons:

Each replacement charge that M&T Systems sells1, has been calibrated to the compressor pump-down capabilities and needs of a given unit. A unit such as the PFC-1100HC with its 10 HP 37 CFM compressor can usually pump-down into a much deeper vacuum than most recovery systems are capable of, or at least do so in a much shorter time period. If a recovery system were used instead of the unit's compressor, there is a very good chance that refrigerant would be left behind in the replacement charge cylinder. Thereby resulting in a slightly under charged unit, and potential capacity loss as a result.

When it comes to smaller units such as a P-100, PGC-150, or a PFC-330, the pump-down capabilities of the unit's compressor tend to be not as good as some charge recovery systems. So if a recovery system were used to transfer the replacement charge to the unit, there is a high likelihood that too much refrigerant would be present within the unit, and either prevent the unit from starting, or result in a shut-down occuring soon afterwards due to a high pressure fault.

IMPORTANT It is quite common for the unit's initial balance pressure to exceed what is listed in our Unit Balance Pressure Chart. Large units such as the PFC-1100HC, will normally be 15-20 psi higher, and smaller units can deviate even more. Please do not be tempted to remove some of the charge until at least 24 hours has passed, during which time the refrigerant will "soak-in" and the balance pressure will drop into a more reasonable range.

M&T Systems replacement charges are sized appropriately1, and should not require balance pressure adjustment if all recharge procedures were followed correctly.

1 Exception: our Polycold '02 Series Charges which are provided by a 3rd party due to licensing restrictions, sometimes have extra refrigerant above and beyond what is actually needed by the unit.

All Standard and LT refrigerant replacement charges that we sell, contain HCFC's.
The '02 series charges (PFC-552, 662, 1102) are NonFlammable, CFC, and HCFC free.

Prices subject to change without notice, FOB M&T Systems Factory, Effective date February 8th, 2013.