Polycold Replacement Parts

OEM Original Replacement Parts

Couplings and Lines
Part Number Description Price
MT-1000 Parker Blank-Off Fittings $110.00
MT-1001 VCR Blank-Off Fittings $110.00
MT-1002 Parker O-Ring $21.00
MT-1003 VCR Flat Washer $12.00
MT-1004 Parker Male Coupling $107.00
MT-1005 Parker Female Coupling $82.00
MT-1006 Parker Coupling Set w/o Stubs $175.00
MT-1007 Parker Coupling Set w/12" copper stub $265.00
MT-1008 VCR Male Coupling $85.00
MT-1009 VCR Female Coupling $85.00
MT-1010 VCR Coupling Set w/o Stubs $225.00
MT-1011 VCR Coupling Set w/12" copper stub $265.00
MT-1012 Refrigeration Lines (per foot - specify ends) $95.00
MT-1013 3 Inch Feed-Thru w/Parker Couplings $1,500.00
MT-1015 2 Inch Feed-Thru w/Parker Couplings $1,200.00
MT-1016 3 Inch Feed-Thru w/VCR Couplings $1,500.00
MT-1017 Parker to VCR Adapter Set $500.00
MT-1018 2 Inch Feed-Thru w/VCR Couplings $1,200.00
Solenoid Valves and Coils
Part Number Description Price
MT-0542 24V Coil (B6 and XUJ) $104.00
MT-0543 24V Coil (B9) $112.00
MT-0918 B6 Buffer/Hot Gas Rebuild Kit $114.00
MT-0919 B9 (1100) Buffer Rebuild Kit $145.00
MT-0920 XUJ Cool Valve $124.00
Electrical Parts and Boards
Part Number Description Price
MT-0517 HV Box Green LED Lamp (bayonet mount) $30.00
MT-0518 HV Box Green LED Lamp (T2 Replacement) $40.00
MT-0519 24 VAC SPDT Relay $97.50
MT-0521 Temperature Indicator $800.00
MT-0532 Remote Connector (standard I/O) $129.00
MT-0533 Remote Connector (isolated I/O) $129.00
MT-0534 Discharge TSTAT (275°F Blue Dot) $102.00
MT-0535 Discharge TSTAT (300°F Red Dot) $102.00
MT-0545 PFC Module Relay (Upgrade w/Gold Contacts) $22.00
MT-0600 System Control Board $975.00
MT-0601 TC Selector Switch $678.00
MT-0602 Defrost Board (0°C Terminate) $186.00
MT-0603 Defrost Board (20°C Terminate) $186.00
MT-0604 Liquid Line Board (35°C Terminate) $186.00
MT-0605 Set Point Board $208.00
MT-0606 PFC Control Module #1 (w/panel) $616.00
MT-0607 PFC Control Module #2 (w/panel) $435.00
MT-0608 Isolated Interface Assembly For PFC $1500.00
MT-0609 Isolated Interface Assembly For PFC/PFC $1800.00
Part Number Description Price
MT-0118 Type "T" Thermocouple Wire (per foot) $2.00
MT-0200 Foam Insulation Tape (box) $25.00
MT-0201 Insulation Glue (½ pint) $15.00
MT-0202 Inner Insulation (6 foot length) $37.00
MT-0203 Outer Insulation (6 foot length) $37.00
MT-0218 Unibit Hole Enlargement Tool $25.00
MT-0219 Parker O-Ring Removal Tool $130.00
MT-0924 Evacuation Valve Retrofit Assembly $267.00

We can provide virtually any part that your Polycold unit requires. So if you don't see what you are looking for above, please contact us, and we will try to get it for you.

Prices subject to change without notice, FOB M&T Systems Factory, Effective date July 17th, 2013.