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Our Story

Founded in 2004 by Mike Mullen and Pat Toland, “The Pump Shop” started off specializing in the repair of Mechanical Vacuum Pumps. By 2006, they realized that there was a void in the servicing and refurbishment of Polycold water vapor cryopumps, so with Pat’s 20+ years as the Service Manager for Polycold Systems (now a part of Edwards Vacuum) M&T Systems was born.  Mike and Pat built this company up to be the benchmark in both field service and in house refurbishments for out of warranty Polycold units. 16 years later, we now also service Telemarks, Maxcools, and Megacold units as well as manufacturing our own MT-202 unit.  With both founders now retired we hope to build on their legacy and continue the excellent service our customers have come to expect.